Monday, April 13, 2009

090411 BiWeekly Part Four

Art Show at APW.

A good friend of mine, Jeff White, a master illustrator ( ) was in town for a day to do a group art show at APW. With over 100 plus entries of drawing ( mostly ) and smaller works, his work shined like a diamond in the sun. It was a minute, a long minute, since meeting up with Jeff and it was a good time to re-connect. Please check out the website, as his line work is awesome!

Good Friends and Family!

Three trouble makers.

The Gallery.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

090410 BiWeekly Part Four

Journal Gallery had an amazing show, one which at the time you, dear readers read this, the present will now be the past and the beautiful show will no longer be but a memory making travel arrangements to another part of the world, for another space sharing. Mark Borthwick had an art show in Williamsburg's Journal Gallery this past march to april. It was in synch to an art book signing, musical events organizing and space installation. The ever energy giving bright light that is Mark presented New York with his creation and love. Included in this installation are scatterings of color saturated dream like polaroids and prints. His is the gift of visual and dare I say, spiritual healing. My words can not even do justice to the vibe created from Mark. It was a blessing to be a witness to this beautiful moment. On the line up for this event was also another band, Bow Ribbons and Thurston Moore and Micro Bassist Experimental Sound Scape. It was a night of super sonic sensual revelations. Thank you Journal gallery for bringing us this beautiful show. Art is healing and revealing.

090410 Biweekly Part Three April 2, 2009

Danny Fuller Art Opening Benefit in Chelea, New York City.
Benefit for Saving Oceans. 'Lost World' Murphy and Dine Gallery.
Curated by Tripoli Patterson.

Danny Fuller had an art event april 2, 2009. It was in New York's now gallery row, Chelsea. There were c-prints on hand for the artist's landscape imagery created in
what looks like a really long exposure. There are images of beaches from around the world, mostly in hawaii. My particular favorite piece is 'Shark Cove'. I remember looking at this break in 2004 eating outside at the shark shack(?) in oahu and thinking, wow, this wave breaks right in front of a plate of jagged mess. I imagined it would be a very dangerous situation for any surfer. To see Danny's image of Shark Cove when it is low tide and long exposed in the late late late night, I feel like he captured the landscape from Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The place already looks crazy,
with it low tide and exposed, one can easily mistaken it for some aerial waterfall shots. The rest of the show was also very beautiful. Unusual colors and even some really unusual locations. Tel Aviv! with a poised, unmoving sea creature in the foreground, what looks to me like a crab. If you , dear reader, have an opportunity to check out his work, I recommend it. Its large format and gripping scenery will have you smelling the salt and feeling the air. Now, I gotta make my chips, so I can have one of the 11 that was issued for this event. The curator was Tripoli Patterson from Bridgehampton, Long Island. Also there were RVCA sponsors and I apologize as this is not a journalistic excellence blog, my information is somewhat limited. It might have been joggled away by the great music and dancing that accompanied this event. All the grooves to keep the attendance dancing. I found out about this event on Surfline Public Local Posting. I did not meet Danny Fuller. Bummer.

YEah! DJ, play that dancing music! Pharcyde, De La Soul, Samba and Pop?


April 2, 2009 was also the day I was supposed to bring my 'clear title motorcycle' I bought used from Massachusettes to New York Salvage Yards to have her inspected for stolen parts and safety check. This is a bike I bought in november used with a general feeling that it needed some work. It is kind of my policy to buy used so that I can get around and learn to fix the vehicle, at least take some care of it and not feel bad about messing it up.. well, not too bad, like if it was new. To make a long story short, I took her apart for basic basic maintenance and discovered some minor problems that needs addressing. When you buy used bike, take someone who knows bikes with you. This will save you many many hours of labour and parts purchased that might have been avoided if you pick another bike that costs a tad bit more and is in a better shape. I should have known that. Anyways, after some cleaning that I can do with my limited knowledge and some direction from Tom at Motorcycle Works, Ltd in Brooklyn, I was able to ride to the inspection and ride back, passed! Thank you very much Tom!!! so, here is a plug.. Motorcycle Works, LTD. 316 Carroll Street. Brooklyn, NY. 718 802-1705. APPOINTMENTS ONLY on weekdays. Open on Saturdays publicly. But, you should call. Great mechanic. Very Knowledgeable.

Cleaning the carbs.

Taking her out.

090409 Afternoon and Morning Later

Good fun mushy waves in beautiful New York City. One lucky winner gets the prize.
Submissions are always accepted and the chance of winning depends on the number of contestants.

Milking it.

On the road. The journey is the whole adventure.
Anticipation or not. Morning Look-See

Beautiful Morning with Side blown winds. Lovely Sun Rise, out to greet the sun.
Well worth the trip. Even if it means spending time on the boardwalk, because
I gotta get to work 20 minutes from this.
In summer, a quick dip.
In winter, long time getting in and out of suit.

A close up of one of the lovelies.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

090409. Biweekly part One. Mother Couch Jam

The Couch Party @ Mother NYC. March 25, 2009. Wednesday. PM.

Where does all the days go and why does it go so fast? Time seems to travel faster and everyday the moments are all stolen away while I watch the grass grow. Well, it s done and here I am updating my blog again.. another two three weeks fly by and I recap some places I ve seen and some stuff I ve done. It was a very transitional few weeks as I find myself trying to turn a new leaf of personal responsibility. Sounds great. Always does. Doesn t really have much to do about much so let s just jump in and see what we gots... and what we have here is Mother NYC Couch Sessions! It was an evening of music, art creating and dancing mayhem! There was Consequence of Tribe called Quest out introducing his new album, about to drop. He was a new man of great skills as he also matured and progressed, always keeping the people on their toes. This was one of the events where I found myself more surprised at who ended up showing up. Crazy. He was billed but I don't even remember seeing his name on the mailer I got. Go figure. I don t pay much attention. For me, I was interested in one,
Tristan Eaton who was also billed to live Painting. I take interest in this genre because I always wonder what other artists do when they 'live paint'. That 'live' for me is always interchanging with live and live. Silly thing to think about.

Live Painting. Tristan Eaton. ThunderDog.

Of course on hand was the awesome group that is , Mother NYC. It was an awesome time and the music was super fine. I miss Moms sometimes... One of my most memorable highlights for me was to see mini Milo getting down. When I say get down, I mean, GET DOWN! He was probably having THE most fun. He had moments of great physical body convulsion expressions and the New York Break Attitude, it was phenomenal. Of course, you had to be there to witness the pure un-adult-rated body rockin, but Consequence had to GET DOWN with Mile, it was THAT pure and THAT TRUE! BLESS!! BIG UP, MILO!!!!!! note. Milo is four.

Mother NYC. Pierce. Part time Mother. Full TIME BICYCLIST(!!!)

Mother NYC. Proud Pappi.. er.. Mother NYC.. I mean Tom, double glasses. Heather, always with the smiles.. and .. sorry, I forgot your name... FUN PARTY!!

Jonny Santos and Kate of Mother NYC.

Head Moms with Jonny Santos. The hand coming out the chest.. looks painful.




Couch. Any Reason for a Party. A Couch? HELLS YEA!!!!

Consequence!! Did I mention, His album is about to drop!!

Andrew. Super Underground Yellow Head MC!