Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pucker Up, BABY!! 080131

Hello everyone!

After a holiday hiatus, 1975 is back with the first of many shows for 2009. I hope you can join us for the opening reception of PUCKER on February 6, 2009 from 7-9pm.

Rock on!



Musings on falling in and out of love

February 6 – February 27, 2009

Opening reception:
Friday February 6, 2009

1975 gallery at Surface Salon
658 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620


In honor of that most devisive of holidays, come join a group of artists as they muse on falling in and out of love. PUCKER is a group show featuring the works of Ryan Bubnis, Aaron Burto, Angela Burto, Vivianna Calabria, Ryan Clifford, Daniel Dienelt, Garrick Dorsett, Adam Francey, Emily Hossfeld, Sarah Johnson, Nicole Killian, Erich Lehman, Lars Moon-Mertens, Mike Ming, Don Pendleton, Alan Presutti, Lea Rizzo, Sarah Rutherford, Beth Sumner, Corey Vance, Josh Wright, and others. Surface Salon is located at 658 South Avenue between Lux and Thread in Rochester's South Wedge neighborhood. The show runs February 6, 2009 through February 27, 2009.
The salon is open Monday through Friday 11am - 7pm. Visit for more information.

art by Erich 'handy' Lehman

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Labour NY Bustin OUT! 090124

Some of you in web land maybe got a chance to see me in a very short dell-cumentory during the summer, 2008. That short piece was done by none other than great new upcoming film makers , Wyeth Hanson and Ryan Dunn of Labour NY. They have just been showcased in their own bio-mentary released for viewing plesure on There is even an ADC art directors club logo up on that viewer! These boys are working hard and I am quite honored to have met them. Big up on ya! was hoping to peep them for a second at the Scion 10 video premier this past thursday, but I am imagining they were all velvet ropes and caviar!! Good on ya, mate! Peace.

if you want to read about it... follow this link....

Congratulations GUYS!