Thursday, October 23, 2008

080926-28 Austin City Limits, Texas

The Steps! They won a Battle of the Bands at Antones.

MI AmIGOS!! Rolling to work. Rolling to play. Rolling to drink. Rolling everywhere!

Jonny catches Petra smiling with her hand in the chip bag.

Dustin working really hard. I think he has XXX ray vision.

Crowded in the Dome, again. Free is good.

This is the STEPS doing their thing in the battle arena.


ahh, an intimate moment with Mike and Jonny. Looks like I got my hand around his arm. But I don't. It just looks like that.

Dustin pushing after a hard day's work. I bet you didn't know that he RIPS!! So does Pete.

Big John moving big things. Making the Dome Happen from the ground UP!

Ahh, Dedicated Manu Chaoists!! From San Francisco to Austin.
Jonny, Sara, Stephen and Mike.

Paul, contemplating the TUBE!!

Jonny Santos Live at the Antones, Battle of the Band!!

Dustin BIG UP!!

Big John has Big Boots and Big HAT!

Oldest Bakery in Texas! Tube Town!

John Ellis, a fabulous Saxophonist and Traveling Musician.
Brother of a fabulous Artist, creator, David 'SKW' Ellis.

Draught House. Fine Beers.

Antones. Legendary Live House Place.

A friend I made on the road. ZacK Bruce. Saved me from hunger and boredom in chicago and austin. A friend indeed.

The boards.

Traffic in Newark.

Graffiti Beef.

Romy and Lauren. We all got kicked out the bar together. Romy has a wicked sense of humor. Too much women for weak little macho bartenders. They are so hot!!

Getting the dome made, piece by piece.

Martin going for a dip in the Springs.

Looks like metal giraffe.

Dell Dome in the field next to the Dell Stage.

Austin City Limits. Live Painting number 6.

A Lone Tree in the Lone Star's National Park field of musical dreams.

Petra at the Barton Springs.

June and Paul. We riding to go Tube-ing, Texas National Past time.

Flamingo Cantina. 6th Street. Party Street. Every night. Every night.

Dell Dome Lovelies.

Skateboard for Dean.

Austin City Limits was the last of six tour locations for the Dell Summer Rocks Tour and the Terror Dell DOME! It was the one location that really felt like SUMMER after San Francisco and it was also in Dell Computer Headquarters Town. The Festival took place in Zilker National Park right next to Lady Bird Lake. If you have never been to Austin, Texas, you can't really experience the Un-Texas Texas claim you hear from all those Austin Texanites. What I really think about austin is that it is pretty texas and it is also a hugh college city. The temperature at the end of september was a cool 80 plus degrees and the nights were a chilly upper 70 degrees. I really loved the temperature! Also, where the festival site was, it was really dusty. That really sucked. Everyday, my throat felt like I ve been smoking with or like the marlboro man. The best thing about Austin was the food! I really love Tex-Mex and I m sad to say, there is no tex-mex in new york. New York can not claim to make a good tex mex. Sorry. One thing that really sucks about texas is their drinking bar policy. I grew up watching all that bar fight cowboy shit and was surprised to find that the bartender actually stops people from drinking. I mean, people that don t look drunk. Even keeps people with a PASSPORT from drinking?! Claiming that it was not a valid identification. Really?! Anyways, all that aside, Texas is very beautiful and I was shown a very good time. One very important thing I learned about Austin and even about life... Craigslist. We were about two miles from the festival site and traffic was really bad. I had my skateboard that three of us shared but it was through Craigslist we acquired two bikes. Not fancy bikes , mind you. But two bikes to get around town. This was a GOD send. Also, I was blessed with meeting and re-meeting good people who I missed or had not seen in a long time. These special little perks and meeting new friends, this is worth what ever I ve done with this traveling thing. Of course, I got a little bit worn out from my six stop tour, I can only imagine the fortitude of traveling musicians. Honestly, those people are super people and I have a whole new level of respect for the traveler workers. What a great time I had and I hope I ve learned enough to not forgetting to smell those flowers. Thank you! The natural spring at Barton Springs and the super dope Diving Board! Fish and crayfish living in the spring! TUBING!! Burgers! TEX MEX! LONE STAR! Austin was quite the memory! Never mind that I almost did not make it to Texas because my car service guy got side swiped by some drunk guy on new jersey free way. Crazy. Life sure does move pretty fast and makes lots of different turns. Yikes.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

0913-1408 Monolith, Denver

Mike Painting.

The Bus on the road.

I worked here 1993! Silverthorne, Colorado.

A giant Blue Bear in downtown Denver.

The Bus.

Performance by Heiroglyphics Crew.

Del, A-Plus, Mike, Jonny, Mister Hendrix and Beaucoup. At the dome.

Jonny and Mike. The two man gang.

If you ever wondered how mike can paint the top of the painting...
the secret to getting the paint up top, a ladder.

Swept away.

At Vinny's Studio.

Dinosaur Stomp Modern Dance.

In MOMA to get inspired pre Denver.


Here's Jonny!!

Loveland, Colorado. The Continental Divide. And it snowed!

Colorado Natural Museum, wolves.

A view from 30,000 feet up.

My good friend and his lovely lady, Vin and Freida!

I used to work there flipping burgers and making large sized burritos! Big UP my Kiwis, Mexicans and Ski BUMS!

Colorado all wrapped up.

FREE Ice Cream, YEAH.

Asako swept away.

A really cool dome loitering boy.

Denver's Monolith Festival held in world premier man made rock Amphitheater was a visually stunning mile high experience. The bands, the music, the venue, the altitude, the wind and the below summer temperatures were all variably heightened by the fact that even though the attendance was only a mere 9,000 visitors per day, it was one intense festival to be involved in. There were 5 stages, a gang of bands and two days to paint. For me, this was one of the more fun spots. Here in colorado, I realized that all the locations we toured to all summer, it was all like choosing a backdrop to a video game. Each scenery being a completely different feel and energy. This trip was especially memorable to me because I was able to travel with my wife, Asako. In many ways, I was more ready to paint and more focused and truly more relaxed. Thank you, Mi Asakita!