Thursday, August 4, 2011

110804. Snacky and Mike Ming

Snacky is an awesome little dig that serves up a nice asian affair tapas on Grand Street in cozy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Its an establishment that has spent over ten years being the hip bar/restaurant before it was hipster-burg.

When the owner, Sandy Pei, decided to renovate the look, she honored me with a call to do up the roll gate box. I thought it would be appropriate to hit it with the red and gold, chinese festivity colors, and keep the look free-stripped and abstract.
It was a beautiful day to paint the outside and a great photographer friend of mine, Yuri Shibuya, came through on her bicycletta and took some flicks before she went off on her next adventure.. oh, the travelling photographer.

Snacky is located 187 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Yuri Shibuya is located where ever she pleases, camera in tow and ready to
shoot whatever she pleases.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

110803. Bustin Boards Brooklyn & Mike Ming

Just got word from Ryan over at Bustin Boards that, Bustin Boards has just re-re-re-released the Bustin Boards and Mike Ming Collaboration ROBOT 36 and 41 Model Graphics!! Run out to the nearest longboard/skate shop or better yet, if you are in New York City, find your way to the Longboard Loft Shop at 143 Allen Street between Rivington and Delancy or the Factory ShOP at 340 Grand between Marcy and Havemeyer street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Longboarding, the sidewalk surfer with more wood like the longboarding cousin of the ocean AND evolving into another animal altogether.. think marathons and hill bombs! WTF?! In 2011, Longboards don't even mean long board. Ahh.. the beautiful manifestations of skateboarding, like all the different species of living organisms and the many man created categories for all the little details that make one different from another. LongBoarding. Bustin Boards. Get into it. Get involved.