Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11-11-08. TED Rochester POP UP SHOP 1975!!

I was part of a group show in Rochester NY last month to celebrate my friend's art gallery, 1975. It was their 3rd anniversary show and it has been going strong, growing themselves into a bigger show space and also growing their stables of upcoming, outstanding and next generation artists. Rochester is not only the 3rd largest city in New York State, it is also a strange town of some creative peoples all bursting at the edges and exploring all sorts of stuff. It is an important enough city that TED talks decided to host a show in Rochester this week!
As such events go, there is always a carnival feel because how exciting and wonderful sharing new ideas are. The only way to really get that idea impact out is by having parties and events to grow on the main event( ie. miami basel, nyc armory show, greenroom festival japan, sacred craft, etc...)!
1975 hosted a pop up shop and fortunately, my submitted piece was on display!! Thank you so much, 1975 et Erich Lehman!! Thank you Rochester for hosting the event and Thanks for checking out this blog, y'all!!