Friday, March 13, 2009

Training Facility 090311

Brooklyn Bridge.

Last weekend was a visit across the river to Pier 40. This is just one of many soccer training facilities in new york city, let alone, America. Soccer is big, Very Big. This one felt like the Island of Han.. secret training headquarters for SOCCER! One of many different activities to be involved in on this little island whose name was New Amsterdam. Pier 40 is on West End and Houston. Enjoy.


Westside, Manhattan.

Field of Balls. and fences to keep them in.

Training Grounds. One.

Grey Skies. Just like in England, no?

Training Field. Two.

Training Field. Three.

Many a balls have been tossed over the wall by a too powerful shot.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Post Envisioning Diaspora 090306

Ken Chu and Alexandra Chang.

Last night was the book launch of Envisioning Diasporia at A/P/A NYU. These are some of the images from the show. It was an interesting evening full of optimism and hope. There were three artist collectives represented, Godzilla, Godzookie and Barnstormers. The mind set of each group and the way each group formed and how they are motivated by collaborations was some of the topics being discussed for the event. Most of the book deals with asian-american artists and asian american collaborations. It talks about the emerging asian in new york city from the 1980s. It is a historical book of explaining asian americans and asian artists in america. Particularly the question of identity. Check it out! It is being sold at finer bookstores.

The artist, CheJen.

The author , Alexandra Chang.

Godzilla, Godzookie, Barnstormers, Basement Workshop and A/P/A Represent. 03/2009 NYC

Chris Mendoza and Gion. Discussing the fine points of arting.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

envisioning diaspora 090304


MARCH 5, 2009
6:00-8:00 PM
A/P/A Insitute
41-51 East 11th Street
7th Floor Gallery
FREE to the public.
RSVP by March 4, Wednesday
or 212-992-9653.
For more info or to
RSVP online, visit

The talk will be followed by a conversation with Alexandra Chang

and artists featured in the book:
ON megumi Akiyoshi • Tomie Arai • Bing Lee • Ken Chu • Che Jen
Skowmon Hastanan • Arlan Huang • Chris Mendoza
Mike Ming • Athena Robles

Author of the new book Envisioning Diaspora: Asian American Visual Arts Collectives
(Timezone 8 Limited and project partner A/P/A Institute at NYU) and A/P/A Institute Director
of Public Programs and Research Manager, Alexandra Chang investigates “Asian American
Art through the formation, membership and artwork of three important post-’90s Asian
American artist collectives: Godzilla: Asian American Art Network, Godzookie and the

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter AGAIN?! 090303

Winter Bike Project. Get the bike on the road.

After last year's Broadway Bomb in october, I thought I can ride this thing into first place next year... Eye of the Tiger!!

Statue of Liberty doesn t really look out the bay, she looks at Red Hook. The apple of her eye. Ahh.. I love her so... all green and tall.

This was the full moon in feburary, taken from a cell phone. That bright blob was the moon!! can you believe it?! I mean, the photo is really sucks, sorry.

haha.. it is still march. I don t know why people get shock.
After all, this is New York City. It s not like Rochester, NY.
It snowed one day in May! All my rochester, lake erie people, do you remember that?

The snow covered vehicle, a winter wonderland. I really do enjoy these days. It is amazing. It is too bad, it melts in two days and it looks like nasty when its going away.

Better than war! FUTBOL, FOOTBALL, SOCCER. Indoors in the winter!!

Did you know there is an old armory in Teaneck NJ,
an indoor soccer facility? I didn t. But, here it is. GO GJOA!!