Wednesday, August 5, 2009

090807 OsGemeos

Was on Houston and Bowery the other day. Heard news about OsGemeos in town. Two Gemini Brazilian Muralist/Grafitti Artists. What I saw... They always are amazing. Beautiful Story telling. Not sure what the story is but I can guess it involves the ocean and thier adventures/adventure of where they come from and its a journey that is still traveled. Very Beautiful. A very rough translation of thier beautiful world. Dedicated to Dash Snow aka Sace. RIP.

090806 Helmets

Helmet front.

Helmet Side.

Helmet Other Side.

Helmet Back.

Helmet with the other Helmet.


Steve giving an interview to Channel 7.

Brooklyn Boulders has officially opened. Although still its soft opening, it was quite a stir. As there were several First Ascent available dates preceding the opening, today marks the first official day for business! The GRAND OPENING will be on September 9, 2009! These are a few of the pics from the opening day and the days before. In the time BEFORE the opening, they were visited by several tv news media and a number of press media. I m not sure how many but can tell you, there was Channel 1, Channel 12 and Channel 7. I don t have cable or access to regular tv so check your local broadcasting or hey, go on line. Congratulations to Brooklyn Boulders!! The Grand Opening Day is gonna be OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

PE and EWOK flanking the bouldering room.

CYCLE throw up. Above the soon-to-be movie spot.

EWOK. Close Up.

EWOK. Newer, Stronger, Better. Dope as always.

DIVA. Background is ... You can smell the trees and grass! Serene and Calm. Beautiful.

CLARK. I m Ready!!

Channel 1. Climbing the Icon, Brooklyn Bridge.
Bought it all, No Expense too Big. The Vision is GRAND!!

Bouldering Room. Padded. Ready. Talking V-0s to V-Alots.

BKB. Opening.

Getting Ready.

Professional Climber. Yes, the tiny one. Ashima-chan. Amazing.

Discussing the fine points of bouldering. Girl QUEEN!!