Wednesday, May 30, 2012

120530. Improvise Combustion.

Its almost a week since the show's final inception, the art's opening and the third re-vision of the art's presentation. Oh, what a week it's been! For your viewing pleasure, the images that have been taken from my phone, in no particular order.

I'ld like to thank, Chris Mendoza, Pablo Power, Kenji Hirata, Ivan Moreno, Naomi Kazama, Con Artist NY , 154 smart clothes for hosting the show and all those who came thru while we were making the show, presenting the show and media showcasing the show! Thank you!!

The show will be running until June 13. 164 Suffolk Street between houston and stanton. Please contact either Con Artist for show viewing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

120523. Day three...

Well, day three started off where day two left off except we rolled thru with music, cassette tunes of mixes from fabulous djs, such as Bluster One of el frente del building, alex of tokyo, our very own chris mendoza and dj chaos aka yamataka eye of boerdoms, to get us pushing thru. Before the cassette went play, we got a surprise visit from Laura of Con Artist. She came thru, sat on the floor and started ripping on the magic drum. Meanwhiles, Con Artist had their drawing show across the street for their wednesday get together. The gallery coming along and the band plays on...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

120521. Day Two.

A night of furious activity to set the pace, launched by our own, Pablo Power. Like a man possessed, with charcoal, to matte finish, to inks and paints to spray enamel, he was relentlessly attacking the space! Fabulous Chris Mendoza rolled around to the space a bit later and the attack continued! Michael Miyahira dug deep into hos doodle roots and drew some lines, filling the areas with ink style ideas of creatures and motifs. After the buckets went dry and the night drew to a close, I can t say what tomorrow will bring, but the space is thoroughly baptized and resting while the paints, inks and fumes dry down. Who know what tomorrow will bring? If its anything like this, it will be another pure expression!!

120520. Improvise Combustion&Strange. Day 1.

Improvise Combustion is a group show organized by member Chris Mendoza, featuring a collection of collaborations and new work by Michael Miyahira aka Mike Ming, Kenji Hirata, Pablo Power, & Naomi Kazama.
Improvise Combustion is a show concept to liken the visual medium to a group jazz ensemble. It is a week long studio session of soloists to perform as a single form, a band unit, similar to the work of great improvisational musicians. For this particular session, it is an opportunity for the artists to re-unite and re-ignite collaborative connections. The end result is an opening featuring the mural canvas, or perhaps the bands melodies and rhythms, as the rest of the gallery space is transformed to the soloist's moods and collaborations. These artists are old friends from different parts of the world, and are only able to connect because of travel timing. Some are friends from childhood, having a connection of roots that run deep, having shared experiences and the support of each other over a long period of time, but sometimes only separated in physical proximity and time. Despite a decade of collaborating, somehow in all this time, this particular group has never individually fully connected to concert a single collaborative show concept, until now. This show is about unity, society and true collaboration. There is no head or tail but rather like an organic landscape, a sound-scape and visual-scape that embraces and connects to create and unfold a story of improvising magicians unleashing and expressing for the sake of creating. This is the story of atoms colliding and energy bursting creating chaotical in the midst of controlled expressions, ultimately, an 'Improvise Combustion'. The Show will run from 05.26.2012 to 06.13.2012 @154 Smart Clothes, 164 Suffolk Street Between Houston and Stanton in beautiful Lower East Side Manhattan. NYC Opening will be on Saturday, May 26. 7 pm until 10 pm. Finally Naomi and Strange are on a live screen printing tour, and will set up outside "Improvise Combustion" for some unique live screen printing. Strange will be performing from 1 pm until 6 pm on both Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27. Strange is a live screen printing group that offers to create unique images from either provided templates or 'experimental creations' from the master hands of Naomi to create on-the-fly designs. It is $10 per 'pull'/screen on your favorite clothing item or $40 with provided 100% cotton shirts sourced and created for Strange. 1% of profits of the shirts will also go to the planet. Thank you for reading. ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD,

Friday, May 18, 2012

120518. Strange US Tour.

Strange live silk screening performance is HERE!
Strange is kicking off the event at Colab at Atlantic Ave between nevins and 3rd avenue in brooklyn! 5-8 pm only!!

Strange will continue on to Mo's Bar in Ft. Greene on the corner of lafayette and s.portland tomorrow during the Havana Outpost Block Party! 12-7!

Bring your shirts, fabrics to be screened on and/or your curiosity! Don't forget your cash and good vibes! Watch as the magic of Strange transforms any ordinary article of fabric into visual magic!

More updates to proceed!!!

Thank you.

120518. Thursday Events.

Thursday saw a bunch of events by happenings. Two of which I was able to attend.

A poetry event at Nepenthes NY. It was the first time for me to see poetry on the walls as exhibition. It was also a reading performance event as well. I hope you can forgive
Me.. I m terrible with new names and I dont have all the proper informacion but, dear reader, I can tell you some info I DO remember...

Also at nepenthes was a pop up shop by new fashion clothier sensation, Batten Sportswear from Brooklyn. Guaranteed to make a splash for a long time!

In SOHO that very same night was a book signing by fellow artist, Mike Scalisi, mentioned in last blog, at RRL. It was a fabulously festività event packed with admireres, fans, friends and colleagues. Congratulations, Mike! You smashed it last night!

After all that, dinner with friends at bFlat, the underground food and spirits establishment with killer drinks and a crusher teriyaki burger.

A great night indeed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

120517. Follow Me

My good friend, Mike Scalisi, has self published a photobook titled, "Follow Me". Tonight, there is a special opening reception for him at RRL Soho.

You could only find this book in RRL store in LA but now, it will be available in NY!! There is an article written about Mike in Vanity Fair. Please check it.
The book is about a man's journey to lose his 'self' on a trip across the country to find himself.

This book was shot entirely on film, on location with medium format camera. A very interesting book and very rich. Full of landscape to get lost in. A dynamic visual statement.