Thursday, December 24, 2009

091224.Christmas Eve

Chris Mendoza. Holiday CHEERS!!! A Painting Snowman!!

Holiday Cheers!! I wanted to share some of my christmas greetings I got from some friends of mine. Some of this is unauthorized so that will explain the blurs and the uncredited images. But that s not important... It s the sharing, right? Okay! so on with the images!!

OH!! First, Before the images of christmas, I have to make a plug for my friend, Charlie Samuels,, who, an amazing photographer, is planning a documentary film release about skateboarding. Check the blur and check the flick. I even recognize the far left skater with the eye of the tiger!.. Bodega Skateboards' very own, Joe Humeres. This is gonna be a fun one!

Life, death and brotherhood on a suburban New York skateboard team. (an action sports feature documentary)

This film tells the stories of nine racially and economically diverse kids who formed their own competitive skateboard team in the suburbs of New York City in the late 1970's. Now in their forties, the Wizards stay in touch and most still skate. One of them went on to become the best amateur 'freestylist' in the world. One died tragically at a very young age. Another a yacht builder and captain, another struggles to make a living teaching young kids to skateboard. The director of the film, who also was a Wizard, is an action-sports photographer.

YEA! okay, Next!

This one, I can credit! Kads Miida. Japanese Painter.
Easier for you to check than me write.

ahh.. nice coffee shop shot. Feels like Holidays, yea? Thanks!!

I m thinking tropical. and electric. COOL, Holiday cheers from far away!!

Just a mental photo. Looks too crazy... more like christmas nightmare.

The Last For THE Place... New York City's Iconic Restaurant all lit up pretty for the winter holidays. A glowing beacon of holiday cheers!

Yoshiaki Takao can create magic on the streets, makes me feel like I m staring at art on the outside, like a docodemo door in new york.. maybe a docodemo window or better yet, a docodaro mado! Ultra YABAI! You Understand?

Feel the radiating warmth! Draws children, parents and adults to feel the gentle heat toward it to warm one through the cold! The painting is done by one, Sasu.

Not one to say too much, this brings us to the conclussion of our blog program. Short and sweet so you can either mull over the images again and again or run out and get that last minute procrastination on!! Bless!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


before the paint goes on.

sunset on the manhattan bridge.
image by Tenzin.

I recently got a new phone. It supposed to shoot high quality or high memory images.. looks like a camera. These are a month's worth of flicks, edited of course. Feels random, a bit unfocused.. it is, after all, a phone. Maybe the subject matter is what is the matter. Not thinking too much, just shooting away. The memories are more interesting than the flicks but the flicks, well, you can see what I might be seeing, more than a thousand words per shot. Enjoy.

work. work. work.

spider man window cleaning service.

uss new york. made from twin tower remains.
a ghost ship on the river. war won't bring back the dead.

my friend , Eli, exclaims.. 'look at that! solar flares!'...
sounds good to me. looks crazier than it sounded. perfect circle. 90degree points.

fun at work. a snowman getting crushed.

david ellis' 're collection' art show
musical guest, prefuse 73. @ la poisson rouge. nyc.

same show, same sound sculpturer, prefuse 73.

barry franklin art show's music provider, petey weedy.
@ wesc store. nyc.

holiday cheers. too many cheers.

nutmeggers fc. fall 2009.
after bowing out at the semi finals.
urban soccer league. chinatown pitch.

jfk aeroport sign on the crosswalk.

moonlight. lamplight.

jun marie, in the sunset.

jun marie in the sunrise at jfk.

jonny santos. dj. piano player. mc. party hustler. faux mex.
wednesday nights are PUMPING!

great skater. great horn player. great photographer.
jon carter.

party at santos for dj nori,
legendary house dj of party premier tokyo night club, gold.

a halloween party.
a rasta charlie chaplin. a fortune teller. a point dexter.

double lou. shut halloween party.

more holiday vibes.
too much holiday vibes.

cruise ship on the hudson. late night evening views.

christmas at the metro tech center.

old brooklyn. 62nd precinct.
don't ask, won't tell.

busted up car on metropolitan.
dangerous willy b.

fun at work.
what can you see from here?

what's wrong with the picture?
a little image touch up.

a jfk sunrise.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

091207... and we are back...

MidTown Upside down.

Vacant Gallery. Two ART Hooligans.

Sunset on the Hudson... a herd of Industrial Giraffes.

Shingo Wakagi and Mister Tycoon Graphics, Mr. Miyashi @ Rich Magazine Party.

HAAHA... so this one is gonna be a recap of the past month or so's images and events. Really, not too much has happened. There was a group show in Peekskill NY called 'MegaDECKS'. Thank you Geoff Feder, Tim Boo and of course, Peter HYUHN of UXA. It was Peter's suggestion that got me in the show. Then there is of course the show in harajuku, Tokyo at Vacant Gallery for Shingo Wakagi and I's Lets Go For a Drive 13 th anniversary show and Talk. While in japan, there were other various events, like.. Ken the FLATTOP and THE GHETTO in shin OKUBO , ToKYo, REpresenting TOKYO PIN HEADS TRIBE!!! An Outdoor talk event in EBISU garden during a very windy day! There was the flight back and playing host and tourist for a couple weeks as we had great japanese artist, Jun Marie to care for.. An amazing music event by
Pathfire in LES, NYC and Masa, a new york ex-pat visiting home town again. There was the Macy's Herald Square Window Display opening AND the SAKS Fifth Avenue Window Display Opening, courtesy of Spaeth Designs. I also went dancing and working and eating and working and just been really busy.. well, busy enough to avoid writing a blog that gets no attention. Sorry, folks. Please don t hold your breaths for these.. for sure, you will be gasping something horrible. Enjoy the flicks, thanks for checking back.


Peekskill Art Show, 'Mega Decks' at the Paramount Theatre.
Peter UXA Hyuhn, Geoff Feder and Tim Boo.

My Mentor and DYZ-EXP Provoker (originally GAS GALLERY in NakaMeguro, the first!)
Naomi Kazama.

Miss LeBaron.

Jun Marie... St. Patricks.

Jazz Band in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

View from the other side.



A 'look-out-for-yo-stuff' sign.

Vacant Gallery.. Check it out! Harajuku, Tokyo.

photo by Jun Marie. A Sun sets in Brooklyn.

Shingo and Mike talking about 'Lets Go For a Drive' Film @ Vacant Gallery.

Peekskill's Paramount Theatre.

Pathfire!! Sean Titone.

photo by Jun Marie. Mike on Bike.

Lady Liberty. Dame au Liberte.

Night Rider! Thanksgiving Night.

Jarel is a shark. He says he doesn t play. Do not be fooled.

Believe it or not, This is a cover of GummiBears Song. Yes, the TV show tune.
Got the whole crowd singing... I didn t know the lyrics.

An airport exhibit in Hawaii.
A defused bomb, up close.


Another 'watch-yo-back' sign.

Shingo Talking some more.. very windy.

ahh.. lovely airplane view.

Shingo, the yan~keee. You got? ..Zakeru na!

Peekskill Clock!

Nathan Collins of Pathfire! Singing out him soul!
Pathfire can be found on my space.

Another shark.. Masa. Don t bet money on your games with him.

Ken The Flattop hosting at THE GHETTO! Tokyo Pinheads Gathering!!

Jun Marie on the beach.

Jacques Torres. Chocolatier. Wicked Hot Chocolate!
DUMBO Brooklyn.

Full Moon in Peekskill.

An August MV. Parked in front of hair salon.

Hand Pulled '13th Anniversary Shirt'.
Thank you, Mikey of Studio Dedication at Ivory, Kamakura!!
For all special custom screened tee shirts.