Friday, January 10, 2014

140111. Days 2,3 & 4...

all my days are a blur. Lots of meeting friends, painting and eating and commuting on train and web trolling with a good measure of Sarutahiko Coffee in Ebisu.
Days 2: prepping and late night line painting. running around town getting the wall ready for paintin'in'. If you've never come to Japan in the beginning of the year, you will never have the pleasure of specialty shops with select items, 'you want, right now', closed for extended holiday. plus a three day long weekend two weeks after the long break. whoever say japanese only work and work hard is right. but the japanese also party and break hard. Thanks to my friends, Hitozuki, I was able to get supplies enough to start. phew. friends in far away foreign countries are a Godsend. As a matter of fact, friends are a Godsend. Appreciate all who are our friends and allies in this life. In almost any situation, the perspective you choose is the difference between possibilities and un possibilities, your choice, of course.
Day 3. painting in the morning. Visiting the World Cup Stadium Final 2002 neighborhood, a futsol store with other independent brands of proper futbol gear. seriously. more painting and a real life japanese yokocho with a couple characters who claim to work for japanese army strategist. more painting and more commuting. Oh!
Nori and I were interviewed by On your Mark Magazine! Thank you, looking forward to it!
Day 4. paint supplies replenished!! new colors and fresh paint. lunch in ebisu garden delicatessen, gifting by Oakley Sunglasses, some chocolates and more painting.
Day 5 is art reception day!! painting in the juice bar and gonna go see Naomi Kazama in Kamakura Patagonia doing and spreading his good word of environmental stewardship!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

130108. Japan!!

I arrived yesterday, Jan 6, 2014. To my surprise, a TV show asked me what I was doing in Japan.

Funny they should ask. '.. why it just so happens that I am here to promote my new artshow in Jyugaoka at a gallery called Dig+Inner. It will be a 2 person show exhibiting the changing of old into new. The show title is ' Reflections and Scribble Roots'. The artists are, Roran Miyahira and Mike Ming. It runs from Jan 8-12 with reception on the 11th. I hope you can make it.'
'I am also invited to paint a Mural in Ebisu for my friends at Sunshine Juice. I designed their logo and now, will leave a nice image for their wall.'
'After that, I hope to have sometime to explore Kanda/Ueno and drop to Kanagawa for a day or so. I am quire excited about the trip. We ll see how it goes.'
They thanked me, I thanked them (I hope I did not leave my manners at the security search) and went on my way to set up art show.