Sunday, July 26, 2009

090724 Students for a free Tibet Benefit

I got involved and rolled up my sleeves for a cause.
Students for a free Tibet.

Silent Auction. August 1, 2009. Saturday.
79 Walker Street. New York, NY 10013

50+ artists to honor 50 years of nonviolent Resistance!

5 pm-10 pm.

Featuring DJs and Live Painting Collaboration.
Art For Tibet. 50x50.

Art Piece for Tibet Benefit. Up for silent auction until 8/1/09.

Art Piece for Tibet Benefit. Up for silent auction until 8/1/09.

Art Pieces for Tibet Benefit. Up for silent auction until 8/1/09.

Friday, July 24, 2009

090723 some ink stuff


Aside from the wall painting mural, I ve recently gotten my hand.. er.. my brush into a can of one shot and got busy trying to make beautiful lines. I see a very long long road before the lives get straight, but hey, they are organic and I personally like the rough style, but I can t say that it is proper. anyway, I m not hung up on it and am super psyched on it... check it out and keep an eye out for more as the road to progression looks like bumpy and frustrating, it s still as fun as can be!

practice glass

Helmet MC. Back side View.

Helmet MC. another side view.

Tenzin's Bike.

Tenzin's Bike.

Tenzin's Bike.

Tenzin's Helmet. Wise. Owl.

Black Helmet Front.

Black helmet side.

Black Helmet back.

090722 Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders.

It s been a minute since I ve dropped out of communications and now I m here to report on a project I ve been working on the past couple weeks. I ve been at 3rd avenue and Degraw at the old brooklyn Daily News Building that is now being transformed into the biggest, greatest, bad-est, funkiest, artiest... (add your own adjective with -est) and you get the idea that this one is gonna CRUSH any climbing gym as one ill activity theme park. Check out the flicks of the painted walls gracing the gym so far.. much much more to come.



PART. Mike Ming ( unfinished, Day Two ).






Mike Ming.