Thursday, August 14, 2008

080810LivePainting Virgin Mobile Fest

Two Days of Painting Live at the Dome. Enjoy.

080814 Free Dustyn

Yo Boy is Lookin' OUT and Shoutin' Out and Makin Effort.
Peace. I hope you free.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

080809-10 Virgin Mobile Fest Baltimore, MD

Taking Back Sunday, Interview with Jonny Santos. VMF 2008

Chromeo, Interview with Jonny Santos. VMF 2008

Dell SummerLoungeDome! VMF 2008

Mike And RES of Team Citizen Cope. VMF 2008

ThermoKrakken. VMF 2008

Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. VMF 2008

Sun setting on the festival, sunday August 10, 2008. VMF 2008

Shudder To Think, Interview with Jonny Santos. VMF 2008

Painting by Milo. VMF 2008

A pile of crabs. Baltimore 2008

Kanye West. VMF 2008

Roller Derby Ladies. VMF 2008

Steve Lawler. Jonny and Mike. VMF 2008

A music Interview goings on. VMF 2008


Lisa Hawks (Middle) and Hair DO'S Crew. Queen of the Beehive. VMF 2008

The Mistress and the Monkey! Dell Domin' . VMF 2008

Super!Alright!Crew! VMF 2008

Ferry Corsten. Interview with Jonny Santos. VMF 2008

Jonny Santos. Horse Racing LA Bleacher. VMF 2008

Dell Dome. VMF 2008

Pre Game Festival Grounds Walk. VMF 2008

'Flights of Fancy' . VMF 2008

This past weekend, Jonny Santos and I found ourselves on a horse race track to witness A Field of Creative Inspiration in the midst of Banners and Festival Tents. All Situated in what is the ' Grand Viewing Chamber ' , about 6 stories above the raceway.
Pilmico Race Track is the home of Virgin Mobile Festival 2008. (Please refer to and look up schedule or itinerary information per festival.) We had a gang of musicians come to the dome to be interviewed by our Jonny Santos and a Live Painting by Mike Ming, a 10' x 10' Stretched Canvas using water based mediums, such as acrylic paint. All the while, there is a lot of going on around the whole mini studio. We have button press operators who make custom buttons for audience participation and inspired individuals who get ill with designs. Seen plenty beautiful buttons being mashed out.
There were heat press operators who was available for custom tee shirt making, giving the audience a choice of 1 of 5 designed rectangular heat transfer sheets to a box full of worthy scraps to incorporate as permenant as heat transfer to their then worn apparel.
Not only were material gains the only thing they were giving away, there was a gang of hairdressers from Lisa Hawks of Beehive Queen of Baltimore, who pimped out all sorts of hairs-DOs to all sorts of heads. There was a Free AirBrush Ink Tattoo chair from Baltimore Tattoo Museum artist on hand to put tattoos on.
These were the Biggest Attractions at the Dome. Everyone was constantly swarmed and que'ed. Can you imagine from the first drop of festival goer at 10 am until 8 pm?
Big Ups and Amazing Crew. I m always surprised. People are all on top of it.Thank You. Beside the Work, it was crabs. Mountain of Crabs. A Mountain of Crabs covered in black pepper and seasonings and herbs. We ate in two different locations. I am sure I've had enough crabs to last the rest of a long time. I like just plain crabs without all the seasonings on the shell. Hell, cook it in some clean boiled ocean water! Ahh.. Simple. That's what I like. WE got four more tour locations.

San Francisco for OutsideLands, august 22-24.
Seattle for Bumbershoot, august 30-sept 1.
Denver, Co for Monolith, september 13.
Austin, TX for Austin City Limits, September 26-28.

The Sleeping Sound Behemoth. Pilmico Race Tracks, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

080808 Virgin Mega Fest

Dome with the Bleachers in the horizon. VMF 2008

Baltimore was our next destination for Music. We participated in Baltimore's Virgin Mega Rave. The day I took these photos, this is no mega page.
alrighty, see you later.

Amigos. Jonny.Martin.Jose. Baltimore 2008

Filled up on crabs.

080805 White Lies at Mercury Lounge

I was back in new york city by 08 05 tuesday. In chicago, one of the bands that was interviewed by Jonny Santos at Lollapalooza was White Lies. They sound awesome and I actually remember them playing while I was busy toiling on the live painting wall in the Dell Dome during the weekend. When I heard that they were playing in new york the following tuesday, I was ecstatic. I thought this band was tight and had all kinds of similarities with many different bands but with their own original style. Fortunately for me, I was able to witness their live set in new york. To the benefit of my doubt, they were actually better than I remembered. This is a band on the cusp of blowing up. Enjoy.

Harry and Mike. Mercury Lounge, NYC 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chicago August 2008

Although we were very busy with the Dell Dome, there were some periods of time when we were allowed to roam the streets. Here are some fancy fun moments on the road, day or night. Me and Jonny Santos, checking out the sites.

Jonny Santos with Lotus Engineering Electric Silent Sports Car.

Millenium Park Bean. Gaping!

A Public water park in Chicago Downtown.
Everywhere in Chicago, parks to wet your feet.

A pretty blurry shot of a yellow car. Jonny Santos, Hana and Angela. Chicago.

A purtty white car. Benz.

A party in chicago.

An Indian Sculpture guards the bridge to Grant Park. Complete with Bird LookOut.

A Chicago Alley Way.

Goddess of Music.

No Arking Here, folks... no arking.

A Custom One of a kind Shirt. The Kind YOU can make at the DOME.

Sculpture Park via Suggestion from 'Yolk's' Brat. Yes, Brat. In the field, all the way in the back of the diner-style restaurant, across the street from the field of headless men.

Millenium Park Band Stand. 'They Blew that Jiffy Pop WIDE OPEN!!'

Chicago Sky. Monday August 4 2008

Chicago. Spewing.

Another Party I completely forgot.

Jonny Santos in the field of dreams and illusions.

That Dream, That Field, Through them gates... until the next.