Tuesday, December 9, 2008

081209 San Francisco

The Three Artists in San Francisco. Tristan Eaton of Thunder DOG, Mike Ming and Guillaume Wolf.

Not in San Francisco, but what I saw on the way out to the airport on monday.
Old School Cop Cars, when police officers were Flatfoots and Crew cuts was the
hair du jour.

Naked Women body Skull Face Street Art.

Crowd Participation, Posca Markers, a five foot square canvas and a little booze.
Looks like a beautiful car wreck. I enjoyed doodling on it thoroughly.

Some more Street Art. Some more women. Always a good subject for art.

Dell Executive Arts and Commerce. Ed and Alex.

King Ikso and Mike!! looks like seattle again!

Last Nights events was a blast!! Not only was Tom Webster there, so was Tristan Eaton, Guillaume Wolf, Ed Boyd and DELL Team, my good friend , KING IKSO showed up! HECK YEAH!! Here are some images from my time in SF and now, I await to leave... It was a quick and warm trip. Big UP to Mosser Hotel! This hotel was quirky and was very cool!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dell Media Event. 081208. Monday Dec 08, 2008

Greetings Folks and Fine People of San Francisco!
There will be a Dell Sponsored Event for Media and
the General PC loving Public in Downtown San Francisco
around Union Square. The event will be from 6pm until 9pm!
I ve heard there will be refreshments and a few artists!
Mike Ming, yours truly, Tristan Eaton and Guillaum Wolf!
Come meet the artists and
soak up the atmosphere and check out the new.
Participate on a free for all 5' x 5' canvas complete
with markers! Peace!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

081125 Reflections

The day before Thanksgiving Day, 2008, I begin the tedious task of updating my blogspot, once again. In keeping with the season of the time, I am quite thankful for the life I am given. This is a broad spectrum of images from the past couple months. Reflections, if you will, of some of my random moments. Thanks.