Thursday, December 19, 2013

121913. Luz e Sombra x Mike Ming

Luz e Sombra and Mike Ming. 'Life is a Journey' collaboration. Waterproof breaker, Proper Futbol top and bottom. Cool patterns and nicely designed up by the Luz Design Team. Thanks, Sohshi et Luz. Now, I can chant for club Luz and me!

Friday, December 13, 2013

131213. work in progress.

Workin on my abstracts. ArtShow at
Dig Inner Gallery in Tokyo Japan.
a very short engagement. jan 8-12.
Will come with more information very soon.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

130914. Joey Garfield.

On a bright SOHO Broadway afternoon stroll, Joey Garfield wanders along. Pre David Ellis opening at Joshua Liner Gallery. For me, post-Jun Marie walking session. For those who are unfamiliar with Jun Marie, I'ld like to direct you to her page. Extremely talented artist involved in fashion.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

130824. Wall of Fame. 2013

Wall of Fame in uptown was hosting a painting grafitti event of all types writers. I m not reporting this to name all those involved or talk about graf or debate about anything. I happen to go up because a fellow wall/therapist, Maxx Moses was there, getting involved and sharing his heart, art and expression. It was a cool family vibe with dudes from ZULU NATION and BLACK SPADES representing. I like the dragon by Topaz and well, all the walls were still being worked on. There ws some hoop shooting, photo ops and general chill out vibe happening.
Pretty much after hanging for a minute, my son and I skated down to Union Square from uptown. Thats how we roll.
On the way down, there ws some Comic Con esque carnival gathering at central park west.
Further south at Madison Park, there ws some cool rope art installation.
There are people expressing themselves everywhere.
I also know for a fact... in brooklyn, Afro-Punk is going down.