Monday, September 13, 2010

100913. Streak Across America Live Painting

Dell introduced a new Dell Phone. It will be 'streaking' across 14 cities to promote this new, incredibly large-esque, light weight, super high tech device. On tour will be Leia, Ben, Nicole and Tae. They are wearing the blue shirts and they will be keeping the public well informed of this fantastic device. The Tour kicked off in New York City, right at Columbus Circle, at the same time as the fashion week! In celebration of their BIG BANG OUT, there were invited live painting and creating artists, Robert Hargreaves, George and Mike Ming. Each artist painted 2 - 3 pieces to express the whole streaking, high tech, creative creations. On hand was also Sean, the camera man, documenting this whole event and filming and shooting. All this AND tweeting!! It s the whole, 'get everyone to notice and check it out and make a buzz thing' happening. Stay tuned to Dell's Streak Across America via Tweet and check out what s all the buzz is about. In the meantime, scroll through and check out the flicks and painted mannequins. Thanks!

Where the event took place!

Sean, The Documentator. Film Maker. Camera Man. Director. The Capturer.

My Friends, Takuma and Masako of NOMA Japan. They were here for the fashion week AND I even modeled some of their clothes for the upcoming catalog. Check it when it comes out.

After the painting and stepping back, people would come up and pose with the mannaquins. I like that. Interacting with art! WHY NOT?

We all need to be aware of our third eye. My dude's just looks mad cartoony.. it s okay, it s art. Future Primitive Societial Peoples from the not so distant future where we are all memebers of the international global tribe all connected by electrons and devices and high powered communicating devices that allows us to share in our experiences wether in physical proximity or in some far off distant locale. That s what I was thinking about.. also that and Emilio Pucci and Wetsuits. That s pretty tech, right?

Leia. She is one of the tech savy personalities you will run into if you go to the streaking. She is also really nice and super cool and down to earth. She knows the phone very well, she will school you, if you are nice.

The mannequin 'art display'.. where the devices are displayed and the mannequins watch to make sure you don t try to run away with the device.

Getting the paint on.

The look from behind.

This is the couple's first stand up, ready for the tour and the world. Go CHECK EM OUT!

Ben muggin it up while Tae was very busy!

A couple that works and plays together! YES!!

My two favorite living people! Robert is a brilliant teacher of theatre and voice!

It didn t occur to me until I m looking at these images again and again, these mannaquins have a Blade Runner/Cobra feel to me! The woman is really pretty so I wanted to paint her elegantly but also wanted to express her sexy womanly-ness out of her plastic ness and the man, well, I wanted him to feel like he could be a warrior hunter-gatherer spirit. It also reminds me of all the tight future tech clothings and wetsuits and comic books and 'primitive' functional art. I think that s what I felt about the whole thing and I hope it translates that somehow.. feels like we can be more in touch and closer to nature. That s my life's goal, to feel and react that nature way. Be like the human animal that I am and tap into that in my expression.