Friday, January 20, 2012

120120. Keepin hope and peace alive.

Brooklyn's Public School 261, came out in seasonably cold, blustery january and held a public peace rally at brookyn's borough hall! Representative Daniel Squadron and Borough president Marty came tovthe rally. They showed up and stated eloquent things like.... '..some peoples of color and some lacking color...' and Mr. Squadron's remanicing of his father, who participated in the monumental washington DC march.

The children spoke out about their hopes and dreams about abundance of medicine for the sick, for the abundance of shelters for the  homeless and abundance of food for the hungry. They chanted 'Children are fabulous and we won't be stopped.'
All those in the cold felt a great sense of right in this world full of wrongs.
When did we as adults decide that complication and complicating messes were going to be better bed fellows than simplicity and dreams? Why can't some questions of solving problems become more straight foward and determinedly more simple rather than complicated? Beautiful diversity and perspectives in every human and our humanity is seperated only truly by self serving negativity. The answer to solving our worldly problems are as complicated as it is simple. I think individual responsibility and self perspective is our only solution. From each individual, the questions can be wrestled and answered.
When did puppets become 'leaders'? Why do we follow them? Why can t leaders also listen and follow? Why can't we lead our individual self to greatness not tainted with self loathing and fear, so that we can spread love and joy and share our great energy of warmth with everyone we come in contact with?

Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! Happy Birthday to all human revolutionaries, young and old, not yet born and they who lived! Free at last, free at last! We will all be free at last!

120119. Kickin balls.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

120119. New Year, New Posting Method..

New year. A new posting method. More of some new stuff. Thanks for checking it out!