Sunday, April 29, 2012

120428. Brooklyn Boulders & Mike Ming

There are two new tee shirts and two new paintings for Brooklyn Boulders' newly realized store front. Please check it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

120420. Tribeca NY Footie Festival

Got an email recently from my friend, Jeff Saunders. Saturday sees the 2nd annual NYFEST ( film and entertainment soccer tournament) withe the Triebca Film Festival. Bring the kids out to participate in the skills stations and Youth soccer showcase, master clinics from US national team members, Freestyle juggling competition with world champion Elie Freeze and celebrity match with Claudio Reyna, Jeff Agoos, Eddie Lewis, Richie Williams, ndamukong suh, Justin Tuck, Leshawn Merritt, Juan Agudelo and many more. Info at come on out! This was last year... This is What it is. TRIBECA/NYFEST SOCCER DAY Saturday, April 21 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Hudson River Park’s Pier 40, 353 West Street (at Houston Street) Presented in partnership with NYFEST, co-founded by Sony Pictures Classics executive Dylan Leiner and film director Jeffrey Saunders All ages and skill levels are welcome to “kick it” at Tribeca with the second annual Tribeca/NYFEST Soccer Day, which brings together celebrities, film and media professionals, and New York youth for a day filled with athleticism, learning and fun. The Tribeca/NYFEST Soccer Day will take place on Pier 40 in Lower Manhattan. The day will include an entertainment industry soccer tournament, a celebrity soccer match, and a youth soccer showcase, including soccer clinics for NYC youth, skill demonstrations, freestyle juggling and workshops. Over 300 participants, including noted actors and musicians, former US National Soccer Team players Claudio Reyna, Richie Williams, Eddie Lewis, Chris Armas, Brian McBride, Jeff Agoos and Tony Sanneh, and Ndamukong Suh (Detroit Lions, NFL), Juan Agudelo and many more are expected to participate along with teams representing Sony Pictures Classics, Focus Features, Filmnation, ATO, Oscilloscope, Paradigm, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Deluxe, Fotokem, Law & Order SVU, CBS, Visit Films, Black Bear Pictures, Phase 4, law firm CDAS, and Goldcrest Films, and additional participants from companies including Naked Edge Films, Tribal Brands, White & Case, mTuckmanMedia (MTM), ESPN, Comedy Central and Tribeca Enterprises. Proceeds from team registration fees for the event will benefit the Claudio Reyna Foundation and City Soccer in the Community, non-profit organizations focused on the betterment of youth in the inner city. Open to the public, the event will have food and drinks available for purchase onsite, and will include activities for all ages throughout the day. Continue to visit or for more information. By The Way. My other friends.. er mates.. are supposed to be participating as well.. BOUWERIJ FC. And I m almost thinking ... Group Of Death and Waterboys FC. There was a live SAMBA Troupe last year and it was off the hooks! Even it was really WET. JOHN McEnroe played too! Cheers, Mike

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Albert Einstein is said to have said.."insanity is making the same mistakes over and over and expecting a different outcome...".
I must be insane. Or in denial. Or have lofty selfish goals where I get everything AND everyone I am supposed to be suporting gets everything They want. The world is super geared to my wants and everyone's needs as well. Selfish because I don't really care about society and even family. And with this attitude, I m just gonna keep acting insted of being, because BEing is responsible and that's not fun or self serving. There is nothing to look foward to. Although I am eventually going to die, I ll keep dreaming insted of seeing. What I will keep my eyes open for is an opportunity to take advantage for purely selfish reasons and personal sensory experiences.
Why does life have to only be one habituated living way, where sometimes I trick my self to think I ve learned and overcame obstacles and changed my inner self only to find that I m still thinking and acting the same.
Is this insanity or is this an excercise in self awareness/affirmation/masterbation?