Thursday, October 7, 2010


Zoel and Me with Board.


Yesterday, I get a call from a mysterious number. On the other end, a message from an unassuming woman's voice. "Hi, my name is Zoel and I got your number through your friend and neighbor , Camus. I m doing a show about custom art and he told me I should call you. Are you interested? Call me..." something like that. I m .. hmmm.. okay, let me call back and see what is what. I get a message box. I leave a message. ahh.. maybe I m too late. I get a call back in minutes.

Still pinching myself after she left.. got the pictures, tho.
Mugging it up! In the studio.. ' nah look serious ', she says..

To make a long story short, I had a surprise visitor in my studio and an impromtu art session with the beautiful ZOEL! If you don t know Zoel, she is a super hustling argentinian entertainer with music as her expression and media, her vehicle, HOT like the singer but cool and mucho classy. She is a one woman powerhouse of singing, hosting and djing. She has an album, a website, She also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show called “What’s up con Zoel” which is produced in the USA and broadcasts live on Urbana 89.5 FM and simultaneously on every Thursday at 6pm.

Grill Face and Beauty.

AND hosting TV SHOWS!
This Girl is BUSY!

The Hustlin Duo! Makin it happen for latin america et todos world!

Thank you for visiting the studio in Red Hook and taking time out of your very busy schedule to say wassup and Big UP! Thank you Camus for the introductions. Thank you Ken The Flattop, my pinstriping mentor from yokohama!!! Inspired to paint a skate deck like the striping sessions in THE GHETTO, TOKYO!