Monday, July 4, 2011

110704. Sephora Shoot in willy B

This is a group shot of an upcoming 3D Sephora Shoot directed by David Ellis. It is an all women artist shoot with the likes of Maya Hayuk, Sasu of Hitotsuki, Yuri Shimojo and several other artist ladies! It was apparently 6 Days of madness and we even managed to squeeze in a few Barnstormers for the first 3D time lapse excercise. It was so cool to have the japanese contingency arrive in New York to make this shoot happen. I was not involved but I was there to support and cheer them on in their endeavours! The stuff that comes off live is going to be absolutely bananas. In2 dimension its sick.. in 3D... BONKERS! A great time by all!!!

On the plane from Japan was also Naomi Kazama who went and did some live screenprinting for his group called Strange! Look for him in a town nearest you!

110704. Popeye Magazine

I was recently featured in an article about my art show in Popeye Magazine, May Issue. Yes, it is july but oh, what the hey. I want to take the time out to especially thank, Yumiko Sakuma for the brilliant editing job, Akira Yamada for the awesome images and of course, Nepenthes USA for allowing me to display my works in their amazing store, located on 38th street between 8 th and 9 th avenues, closer to the north west corner of 8th avenue. Enjoy.

By the way, Akira Yamada is also an abstract fine arts photographer, and for all those in japan between july 5 - july 16, please check out his show. For all those interested in the works everywhere else.. well you just gonna have to wait for the show to appear in a gallery near you. For more information, please visit ...

110704: Happy Fourth Of July! NOMA Spring/Summer 2011 collection

NOMA is a Japanese clothing brand started by Masako and Takuma. It is represented by Nepenthes Japan and is being distributed locally in Japan. For their spring/summer 2011 collection, they featured me(!) as a model. I was surprised but was an honorable flattery. Originally, Masako is a fabric designer and Takuma is a fashion clothing store owner. They both met, fell in love and now, produce a very cool line of clothes that can only be get in Japan. Enjoy.