Friday, June 15, 2012

120615. Friday, going San Francisco.

After Georgetown on saturday, a cloudy to bright day in portland. 'last week's weather was poop, you guys lucked out...' We got that a lot. I want to take the time to thank Missing Link, Franz, his family, Christine and their lovely dynamic duos, Nico and Stephan. Through them, I learned about 2nd generation born austrians in Belize. I love how the lines of race and culture are always blurring in infinite combinations.
Portland was cool. It was like a city outside a spawning Georgetown.  I ve been to portland in spurts but could never really figure it out. This trip found us in south east neighborhood. It reminds me of an old saying, 'if it aint broke, don t fix it.' In that respect, it was easy and cool to be in your hood and be absolutely chillin while the whole city churned to industry monsters and the small guy goods that are just as important. What do I mean? It is a town where things get done and her citizens make it happen! We were hosted by NY ex pat, Filth aka Lucas Irwin and his beautiful family, Jay, Isaiah, Silas and my new girlfriend, Chewbacca. We were supposed to drive out to Yosemite on monday and we ended up leaving on monday... For a 13 hour drive to Cali. I learned about makin stuff happen with whats available and diggin deep! I learned about raising two boys and a dog in a house and a backyard. This house was one chill house and one beautiful family. Thank you.
The following morning had us driving out at 6 am. One last hug to chewbacca, while the family slept. It was us driving south towards another family home before reaching our next host family, Green.
There in Grass Valley, it was an ex-sanFran family escaping the urban noise and distraction, trading in for organic country living. Thank you Doze, Nikki, Kalihil, Noah and Nina! I learned about family in the country.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

120612. Week One of Strange West Coast Tour.

The trip to the west began with an over weight luggage (9 lbs... Coincidence?), broken hardcase luggage tab and a no seat belt ticket paid from 2011 charge. Up until the night before, I hadn't even thought of packing for the trip. The anxiety of traveling and the plunging into a 'tour' of suspect travel itinerary made me a little bit uneasy. What fruit was this seed of an idea going to bear?...
After 'breaking' into my own luggage and unloading 8 lbs from my bag, I was on my way. Its not unusual for me to feel different once my luggage is boarding the plane and I am in the high.
I don t like air travel, but it sure is fast. What was once a luxury mode of transportation is suddenly the normal. Free drinks and a chocolate birthday cake later, I was in dreamland waiting for the landing.
5 hours later, With a peek at Seattle, I finally began to understand how the city is lined up.
At the airport, I connect with Strange. There is a third cohort arriving from kamakura. We rented a suburban and picked up Jun Shimada. And head to our host family's compound. Unbestown to us, we would spend an extra 3 days, loitering and merriment to serendipitous effect!! New friends and old friends, reconnecting and compounding.
Its amazing how there are time for  plans and there are times when plans should be re-thunk. In the first three days, the plans all fell out the window and we were on a very narrow strip of over staying and under planning... Miraculously, the magic of the pacific north west corridor funneled us and made available to us  'new' plans that adjusted the 'old' plans to a more perfect chaos, one that made available for us opportunities unimagined and horizons more broadened by our 'giving in' to match current situations and suggestions.
All my pre-trip anxieties were coming true, only to reveal that the chaos I was afraid of was the perfect path to travel. It was the beginning journey of patience for moments to reveal themselves and opening minds to opening portals. On the day we were supposed to be in portland, found us driving back full speed back to seattle from PDX, to pick up out friend, Hajime of Monro, to return to Georgetown Seattle for a carnival!
Sunday brought us back to Portland. There, the revealings of a sketchy plan and the unfolding chaos was a welcome.

Friday, June 1, 2012

120601. Our SpyGlass, Rochester NY

Dearest Readers, Rochester NY will be hosting and opening an amazing new installation exhibition presented by 1975 Gallery. From what I ve seen in their blog.., it looks like a beautiful, from the heart art happening! Don't just take my word.. read ON! Spyglass A Viewing Experience by Sarah C. Rutherford
& Brandon Colaprete 1975 has been quiet for the first few months of 2012, but with good reason. The opportunity to set down roots after three and half years of nomadic shows presented itself, and starting later this summer, 1975 will be calling 89 Charlotte St. its home (you may better know it as the former Little Bakery). This location, tucked behind Restaurant 2 Vine and the Little Theatre, offers such incredible opportunity to expand upon all that we've been creating the last few years. Sarah C. Rutherford and Brandon Colaprete are in the midst of capitalizing on the currently undeveloped space to create a unique, short-term viewing experience in this much loved local landmark. After this event, we will close and transform the space into the permanent home of 1975 Gallery. I'm very excited to have Sarah be a part of the first event in this space, as she was one of the three artists in 1975's original show, Inauguration., back in October 2008. Opening Reception THIS Saturday June 2, 4-10pm Limited Showings from June 5 - 16, 2012 - Tuesday through Friday 6-9pm - Saturday 4-8pm 89 Charlotte St., Rochester, NY 14607 Behind Restaurant 2 Vine Follow along with the progress at RSVP on Facebook: SPONSORED BY 1975 - The Yards - Rochester Greenovation - Restuarant 2 Vine - Staach -